Mark & Megan Forever

Mark and Megan were married for time and all eternity in the Sacramento Temple. It was a gorgeous day filled with lots of family. After the sealing in the temple we enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Spaghetti Factory. Later that evening we danced and ate cake at a beautiful reception held at Megan's house. I was the lucky duck that got to be the photographer so I had front row seats to all the action. I love these two people and we are all very happy to welcome Megan into our fold!

We Love to See the Temple!

MayLynn Eliza DeWoody was sealed to her family today! What a miracle and blessing this little princess is to our clan. This was such a sweet day with family gathered all around. Many came to see May get sealed to her eternal family, tears of joy were shed, hugs were shared, and smiles beamed. We love this little girl more than words can say, how grateful we all are to have her in our family!

Color the Sky!

We roused our children from bed early to make it to this fun event. The sun wasn't even up when we loaded the four kiddos into the car and headed out to Ripon for what we all considered an AWESOME experience. There was a line of hot air balloons getting ready for flight. We got to watch their owners prep the balloons. It was fascinating to watch all of the effort that goes into getting the balloons ready for travel. After watching the balloons ascend into the air we enjoyed some of the other activities available including bungie cables! It was a wonderful morning and well worth the early wake-up call!

Soccer Season!

It's that time of year again... You know, that time of year when family dinners become non-existent, homework is done on laps in the grass, Saturdays are tied up with games, and the laundry has a constant stream of red jerseys cycling through it. Yes, the soccer season keeps us busy between our 4 children, but we love it just the same and are very grateful for the time together. (Even if that time "together" really means on opposite sides of the field!)